IMMI – always the right software package for your immission prognosis task

IMMI covers a very wide range of applications – from the simple immission prognosis in case of questions regarding neighborhood noise up to noise mapping for entire countries. Depending on the assessment target and the applicable country-specific regulations, the required range of functions can be defined for the user. IMMI has a modular design, as to create the best and most cost-effective package for every user.

The basic idea of our concept – Choose your individual equipment

Every base module features the DIN 18005 element library and the Gaussian plume model for calculating the dispersion of air pollutants and dust (TA Luft 1986). Element libraries for noise and air pollutants can be added as desired to create a version tailored to your needs.

IMMI is available in four different base module versions:

IMMI Basic

... is the cost-efficient solution for all those who require calculations with optimal accuracy and complete documentation of input and output data.

IMMI Basic is limited to 200 obstacles.

IMMI Standard

... gets you started in the world of noise mapping. The optimized performance scope allows the user to process noise projects with high efficiency and at a low cost. In this version, the number of obstacles is limited to 1000. Every one of these obstacles may contain up to 200 diffracting edges.


... is the universal program package which enables the user to calculate, evaluate and present almost all projects. To achieve this, IMMI Plus features a multitude of options which optimally support users in their work. The number of elements is only limited by the available main memory. With its up to 64 million grid points and up to 3000 obstacles, this version allows for the processing of even large projects.

... is the professional tool for creating large-scale noise maps with an excellent price-performance ratio. The scope of this version leaves nothing to be desired and is especially configured for the management of large data volumes. In this package, there is no limit to the number of elements or obstacles. In addition, it features options for distributed and segmented calculation in the network.

These four versions do not fit your needs? No problem!

Contact us and we will quickly find out what your exact needs are and will be happy to offer you a package tailored to your needs.