• Can noise be planned?
  • Calculation of noise
  • Calculation of air pollutants
  • Are you planning to clear the air?
  • Can you see the red flag before the neighbors do?
  • What norms apply to hullabaloo?
  • How do you calculate a rude awakening?
  • How do you go from looking ahead to building ahead?

IMMI – Precise and efficient software for noise prediction and dispersion of air pollutants

Self-explanatory and intuitive – Immission control made easy

For more than 20 years, service providers, authorities and industrial companies have been relying on IMMI as one of the leading software tools in the field of immission control. IMMI is our software package for the calculation of sound propagation outdoors, noise exposure in workrooms and propagation of air pollutants.


  • easy and efficient to use i.e. they have access to all relevant functions via a self-explanatory user interface
  • adaptable to the individual users and makes your work easier with customizable user interface and reports
  • accurate due to quality-assured application of all propagation models that are relevant in immission control
  • a highly sophisticated software – 30 years of service, product development and work in standards committees speak for themselves.

The history of the IMMI prognosis software dates back to the early 1980s. The first commercially available IMMI software was launched in 1987 by the acoustic engineers of Wölfel – a technology company which has 100 employees today.

In cooperation with other acoustic engineers and software manufacturers in Germany, the team around IMMI has played an important role in the worldwide establishment of the quality standard of immission prognoses that is common today. As founding members of the standards committees for DIN 45687 and ISO 17534, we have made a major contribution to the quality standard that serious products in this field have to meet.

You, our users, have also made a significant contribution to IMMI. In our daily support, we also learn a lot. The daily feedback from our customers is the basis for continuous development. Together with our engineers, an experienced team implements our high standards of service quality, user friendliness and being up to date.

IMMI is the perfect tool for immission control and is ideally suited for the calculation of noise from different sources such as industrial noise, traffic noise, noise in working areas, aircraft noise as well as for the prognosis of air pollutants and for noise mapping.

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